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Scaffold Pro 1

Our scaffold Pro1 is the most popular scaffold ratchet used today. Not for use on Dual Size Scaffold Systems (shipyards, refineries, nuclear power plans)

Scaffold Pro 2

 The Scaffold Pro 2 is the same ratchet as the Pro 1 except the socket depth is deep enough for use on Dual Size Scaffold Systems.


Scaffold Pro 3  

  • 1 Inch Longer Chrome Vanadium Steel handle for more torque
  • Deeper  6 point 7/8” Chrome Molybdenum socket than the Pro 1, but not as deep as the Pro 2, but easily fits dual size scaffold clamps.
  • Hard rubber bumper to help prevent damage to scaffolding components
  • More teeth on drive gear to provide more clicks in tighter spaces.
  • Larger thumb switch was designed specifically for use with gloves. On cold days high above the ground, it’s not difficult to switch directions with gloves on.
  • Lanyard hole in the handle allows secure tethering when used with our lanyards.
  • Approximately 3 pounds shipping weight.


 Quality Assurance

  The Scaffold Pro scaffold ratchet wrench is made from high strength, durable Chrome Vanadium Steel in a quality assurance qualified tool and die factory by highly trained craftsmen. Each ratchet is inspected for smooth ratchet assembly movement, gear housing integrity and chrome adherence. After inspection, each ratchet is placed in a protective plastic sleeve and boxed in heavy double walled cartons.


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